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Forgot your password? A WoW Classic Warrior is defined by its weapons, as almost all of your damage, including most of your abilities, scale with your weapon's damage. You will also typically want slow weapons in order to hit harder with Rage-spending abilities, when you are Arms or Fury specced. For Protection Warriors, faster weapons can be better for quicker Rage generation and dumping with Heroic Strike.

We will present many of the best options the game has to offer for each type of weapon below. Depending on their race, Warrior s will start with a one-handed Sword, Axe or Mace. They will know how to use some of weapons skills from the start, but require training in the missing one. Also, they know Daggers and Unarmed from the start.

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Every other weapon skill has to be learned from the various weapon masters below. Most of the weapon skills listed above can be bought at early as Level 10, with Polearms being trained at Level Remember that no matter how good a weapon is at a given level, it will quickly be outclassed by common weapons of higher level, so be wary of wasting a lot of time chasing for the perfect low level weapon, unless you are making a twink character or enjoy the weapon hunt!

As a Warrioryou can use every single type of non-wand weapon in WoW Classic. Each type of weapon has its unique perks and downsides, which we will talk about below. This extra skill can help a ton against high level enemies because it improves your ability to hit them, as explained in our DPS Warrior Stats Page.

Staves are quite similar to Maces, but unlike those they do not have an Arms talent specialization at all. All of them are two-handed weapons, and more often than not they have caster oriented stats. This being said, there are a few notable staves that you should look for in your way to 60, such as Crescent Staff and Resurgence Rod. Polearms are also two-handed only weapons, and Polearm Specialization is quite good. Unfortunately there aren't many weapons of this kind in the game, and there are no races with Polearm bonuses, which makes them a niche weapon type for Warrior s.

Daggers are often neglected by DPS Warriors due to their very fast attack speeds, but it is this same trait that makes them some of the best tanking weapons around. Tanking Warriors benefit more from faster weapons than slow ones because these provide steadier Rage generation, and more ability to quickly dump extra Rage with Heroic Strike when needed.

While there are a few fist weapons Warrior s can use in WoW Classic, they are few and far between. If you get a good one, such as Vilerend Slicer feel free to use it! Warrior can use ranged weapons, but they are little more than stat sticks for them, with the added benefit of allowing pulling from a distance. Crossbows, in particular Blackcrowmake for some of the best pre-raid ranged weapons for Warriors in the game, as they tend to have very useful stats.

Bows also tend to be great ranged weapons for Warriors, especially while leveling as green Bows with useful stats are often found while playing. Guns are not as common as Bows, but often bring similar stats to the table. Keep in mind that while Crossbows and Bows use arrows as ammunition, you will need bullets for Guns.I have already been using a lot of time to answer this question by myself and I thought I found it.

However, now I do not know what to believe anymore. To me this arcticle appeard to be convincing. However, according to the gear planner of classic. This is true tho not many bis guns as far as I know Same for trolls but they get some more use for their bow at least for a while.

I am glad to hear that using a gun is somewhat best choice for Dwarf Hunters as bows are really unesthetic for dwarfs. It may be true that there are currently no good gun choices. Howevver, now I am curious if both is true. Will a gun give a dwarf 0. Dragonbreath Hand Cannon has only I am reluctant to believe that the lower attack speed of the crossbow equipped with the hit scope can make up for the 5.

I would say 36 ranged Attack Power are somewhat equal to 14 Agility. The additional 8 points lower your hit cap by 0. I would be glad to be undeceived on this matter. Thank you for your replies. Per skill point 0. However, I am not sure. Any other opinion?

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As Glatzbart already pointed out, the hit cap does not correlate linearly with the weapon skill. In other less accurate words: It ought to give you 4.

It just adds 7 to your on-hit weapon damage. But the crossbow is really awesome. This topic was automatically closed after 30 days. New replies are no longer allowed.Combat Skill indicates the proficiency a job has with the use of weapons and equipment pertaining to that skill.

It is used in equations to determine accuracy, damage, and proc rate, typically by being compared to the enemy's own combat traits. Using abilities that relate to a combat skill may grant a skill increase with that skill. Combat Skills and Magic Skills are stats that are natural to a character's job —they both go hand-in-hand as they are all used to battle mobs in one way or another. There is a cap to each skill depending on the class and their proficiency with said skill.

As your job level goes up, the cap rises as well. Certain jobs excel at some skills, while other jobs excel at others.

Make sure you know what skills your job excels at and raise them to reach the maximum potential of your character. The amount of attack and accuracy you gain by equipping a weapon using a particular skill is directly proportional to the Combat Skill level.

Combat and magic skills are traditionally raised by using the skill on monsters or allies of an appropriate level for your skill. For weapons, attack or perform physical weapon skills.

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For defensive combat skills, perform the defensive action e. For offensive magic skills, cast spells on an enemy.

weapon skill to hit chart

Healing magic can also be cast upon undead for skill ups, similar to offensive magic. With the introduction of Records of EminenceThere is now skill up armor and tomes. Recruiters aka Sparks Merchant located in each home nation and Western Adoulin. There is one type of Skillup Tome for each Skill and they are sold either in a set of two stacks 24 or a set of three stacks Each use will increase the targeted skill between 0. To work out the minimum level mobs required for skill ups, follow these steps: 1.

Using the job skill ranks table, identify the rank of the skill for your job 2. Note your current skill level, and follow the appropriate rows in the skill caps tables for your rank, moving up in levels until you reach the level where the skill cap exceeds your current skill level 3.

That level is the minimum level required of mobs for you to gain any skill ups with that particular job and particular skill. In order to cap any skill, you must fight Decent Challenge or higher targets eventually.

The maximum skill obtainable on a certain level target differs between jobs and between skills, as it is determined by the rank of the particular skill for the particular job, as per the job skill ranks table.

Special Consideration: Several jobs are capable of equipping weapons or shields while also not having access to that combat skill. Jobs that do not innately possess a skill are considered to have a 0 in that skill, even if they have that skill leveled on another job.

weapon skill to hit chart

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Automaton Combat skills vary with equipped head and frame combinations. Click here for the skill ratings and caps at various levels. Combat Skill Level Chart Skilling Up Combat and magic skills are traditionally raised by using the skill on monsters or allies of an appropriate level for your skill.Weapon Skills are modifiers found on Rare and higher weapons.

These skills give stat bonuses to certain types of characters, or provide other bonuses based on the skill. Most weapon skills have 2 parts: the base skill, and the skill level. For weapons with maximum levels of or lower, the maximum skill level is For weapons with a final uncap, the maximum skill level is 15 after the uncap is performed.

There are some skills that require the weapon to be a certain level. This naturally also requires the weapon to be uncapped enough to reach that level. Refer to individual weapon pages to determine if that weapon has such a skill. The skill level can be raised before that point. The skill level will carry over in this case. Each party uses 1 main weapon and up to 9 sub weapons. This is colloquially referred to as the "weapon grid. For more details on damage multipliers and team building strategy, see Damage Formula and Team Building.

Formula for calculating Stamina [44] [45] :. From Granblue Fantasy Wiki.

weapon skill to hit chart

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weapon skill to hit chart

This page was last edited on 12 Julyat All rights reserved. Between Verification needed. Astral Weapons Verification needed. Yggdrasil's Bough Rhongomyniad.Prior to Patch 4. Players started out with only a handful of weapon skills and had to visit weapon trainers to learn others. Once a weapon skill was learned, it needed to be improved through active use of the weapon. Now all classes start with the passive Weapon Skills ability, which grants all relevant weapon skills upon creation, making this mechanic obsolete.

Weapon skill represents your proficiency with a particular weapon. The chance per swing seems to be unrelated to weapon speedmaking low speed weapons better. Instant attacks like Sinister Strike and Hamstring help to increase your weapon skill faster.

Note that attacking Evading enemies will not increase your weapon skill. It has been confirmed that intellect increases the rate at which weapon skills are learned. Before Patch 2. If you want to level a weapon skill, try asking for an intellect buff or using a scroll which can help the process. Similarly, equip any gear you have that has an Intellect bonus on it—if you're a paladin, put on your Holy gear and cast Blessing of Kings; if you're a shaman, put on your Elemental or Restoration gear.

In Patch 2. Items which granted ranged weapon skill increases instead now grant increases to hit or critical strike rating. Applying these formulae gives the following base miss rate for a Level 80 character with a Weapon Skill:. However, after getting toincreasing your Weapon Skill the next 5 levels, toonly reduces your chance to miss by an additional 0.

Prior to 3. Back then, there was a huge jump in miss rate reduction by going from, say, to Weapon Skill. Effectively, you can consider weapon skill to be the inverse of the defense skill. Against mobs with defense roughly equal to or higher than your Attack Rating i. A glancing blow only occurs on white melee damage, cannot crit, and does less damage than a normal blow.

Back before patch 2. This is no longer the case. If a mob hits a target from behind, and the target takes damage from the hit that isn't Absorbedthere is a chance the player will be Dazed.

Note that your defense skill is NOT level-capped for purposes of determining your chance to be dazed. It is possible to become undazeable while wearing tank plate gear. Weapon skills are maxed in PvP combat. Weapon skill does not affect your chance to hit other players in the battlegrounds or in the arena, but it still affects your hit chance against enemy players in world PvP or duels. They are level 80 Elites that fly above Kolramas. They have a high amount of health and the only attack they have is a plague beam that shoots straight down.

The Primordial Drake Eggs in Sholazar Basin also work well for this; they are high 70's, and do not attack back. Boom used to be an excellent choice - just bring enough ammo, and attack at will. Hunters had the best options with him due to auto-shoot. This no longer works as of 3.

Likewise, the unkillable Servants in the Blasted Lands no longer skill you up when they are in their unkillable state.What role did the players weapon skill have in combat. It seems that people put a lot of emphasis on it and choose a race based on the weapon skill racial. From what I understood, having a high weapon skill just meant that you missed and parried less and made contact more.

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Against mobs with defense roughly equal to or higher than your Attack Rating i. A glancing blow only occurs on white melee damage, cannot crit, and does less damage than a normal blow. Weapon Skill really only significantly matters at level cap. But once you are there, it really matters. You get 5 points per level. That includes defense and your weapon of choice.

I tried to oversimplify and still make sense. For melee damage classes, a 5 skill bonus is incredibly valuable. Rogues get handed to them on a plate, but warriors must work for theirs. The glove is never obsolete for someone with no skill bonus.

For ranged, skill is just a perk, not something you really need. Gun skill is pretty much worthless at 60 due to the absence of guns. Bow has a few good options, but sometimes the best weapon including the best weapon of the game is a crossbow. The game was made off Pve, only reason pvp even exists was players dueling outside Tristram in Diablo ll. If wow was only supposed to be a pve game they would have never had 2 factions. The PVenvironment might have been made first but the PvP was the driving force.

There was a periodic statement early on that would make its way into blue posts about wow being a PVE game first and foremost and that they do not balance classes for 1v1 pvp. In addition, humans get fewer glancing blows. If being a purple Trix Rabbit or ugly Midget is that important to you, just know you will never be as good as a human in melee.

Even if you use Edge Masters, you are still at disadvantage because a human can be wearing gloves that give more AP and crit or hit. It depends how competitive you are. Well when you hit level 15 and suddenly found a new weapon that was a different type than you used to level up, you have to spend 30 minutes leveling that weapon skill up so that you could use it!

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I remember my 48 Druid tank missing a lot of attacks with my new 2handed mace I got in the instance. My skill was very low in it. Seems like the logical solution would have been to shapeshift into bear so your weapon skill was not a problem anymore….

What about PvP? But keep in mind, weapon skill does not matter for casters, or druids. To put this in the simplest of terms: You get 5 points per level. PVE is all that matters. How did they affect combat? It was great! So glad I am playing a druid and dont have to worry about.Gentlemen's Club Apply Login. Login Gentlemen's Club. Gentlemen's Club. We are looking to recruit the following.

Demon Hunter. High Druid. Open Hunter. Low Mage. High Priest.

Weapon skill

Low Rogue. High Shaman. Open Warlock. High Warrior. Was this helpful? Yes, very. Kind of. No, its wrong. Page 1. Weapon skill decreases the chance that you deal glancing blows. Glancing blows occur when you attack a mob that is higher level than yourself.

However, it will continue to reduce the damage mitigation if by some magic you find a way to get more. It is for these reasons that it is recommended to only use max weapon skill items on boss fights and not on trash pulls. If this is not how it works on this server please let me know so I dont end up just looking like a jackass.

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Chance to miss in PvE is determined solely by the difference in the defending mob's Defense Skill and the player's Weapon Skill. Further, the effect is not linear. So, there are actually two different formulas that might apply, depending upon whether the difference between the mob's Defense Skill and your Weapon Skill is greater than 10 or not.

Level 60 mob: 5. Level 61 mob: 5. Level 62 mob: 6. Level 63 mob: 9. However, after getting toincreasing your Weapon Skill the next 5 levels, toonly reduces your chance to miss by an additional.

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Also, note that there is a huge jump in miss rate reduction by going from to Weapon Skill. Melee attacks divide in to two categories: auto attacks white and special attacks yellow. Auto attacks use a one roll table and special attacks use a two roll table. Base chance to miss is the same for both auto attacks and special attacks.

Weapon skill up

Attacking a mob from behind removes parry and block from both tables, provided the attack is more than 0. Auto attacks one roll table Edit Each melee auto attack made by characters against mobs will result in one of the following in order of precedence: Result Miss Dodge Parry Glancing blow Block Critical strike Hit Increased hit chance can result in increased critical strike results from auto attacks.

Dual wield auto attacking a raid boss from behind results in a loss of 8. Special attacking a raid boss level 63 and defense from behind results Note: It is possible and even likely that even yellow attacks use a one roll table, as the white attacks explain above.

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