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Category: How to scramble a string in java

The following is part a of a free response question from It was question 1 on the exam. Question 1. This question involves reasoning about strings made up of uppercase letters. You will implement two related methods that appear in the same class not shown. The first method takes a single string parameter and returns a scrambled version of that string.

The second method takes a list of strings and modifies the list by scrambling each entry in the list. Any entry that cannot be scrambled is removed from the list. Part a. Write the method scrambleWordwhich takes a given word and returns a string that contains a scrambled version of the word according to the following rules.

how to scramble a string in java

Once the letters in two adjacent positions have been swapped, neither of those two positions can be involved in a future swap. It can help to write out what you need to do to get each of the characters to compare.

In this example we are looping through the characters from left to right one at a time and comparing the two adjacent characters. So we start checking the characters at index 0 and 1 and then swap them, but then move to comparing 2 and 3 rather than 1 and 2 which means we increment the current index by 2.

The code will need to loop through the characters in the string and compare two adjacent characters. There are two ways to compare two adjacent characters without going beyond the bounds of the loop.

One way is to start the index at 0 and loop while the index is less than one less than the length of the string and then get the characters at the index and at the index plus one.

Another way is to start the index at 1 and loop while the index is less than the length of the string and then get the characters at one less than the index and at the index. Each time through the loop also increment the index. It walks through coding a solution.

Social Runestone in social media:. The scrambling process begins at the first letter of the word and continues from left to right. The following table shows several examples of words and their scrambled versions.

List ; import java. List; import java. You have attempted of activities on this page.Campbell Ritchie wrote: Welcome to the Ranch I am afraid that main method is much too long.

It can have scramble and unscramble methods; the latter might have a loop where the user enters numbers to swap and stops whenever a number out of range is entered e. Don't use file input stream to read a text file. Don't use multiple if statements for menus using 1 2 3 etc. Strings are not intended for changing; the class is immutable. That is why you are finding it so awkward to change the String.

I do not think you can use a replace method on a String to achieve what you want. There are all sorts of design advantages to making things immutable. But many immutable classes have mutable counterparts which are intended for changing. String has a mutable counterpart and here it isspecially designed for changing text rapidly and painlessly. It has methods like insert delete append and replace, so all you need to do is work out the index and the char to replace.

You can even chain method calls like this:- mutableText. It would have been much easier to achieve that with arrays; you have presumably been told not to use arrays to give you more of a challenge. How are you scrambling the word?

Are you doing that programmatically or asking a user to specify letters to swap? The best ideas are the crazy ones. If you have a crazy idea and it works, it's really valuable. Forum: Java in General. Need help randomly scrambling a word, and allowing user to unscramble by swapping letters.

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John Johanson. I have achieved a lot of the program and I feel like I am on the right track with the swapping, but i just cannot figure it out. We have not learned arrays or anything and my teacher said not to use them. She said I "need to make a new string by concatenating the parts of the string where these two letters swap their places". So she wants me to use concatenation, but I just cannot figure how to use that to scramble the word randomly.

I also cannot figure out how to allow the user to swap letters by choosing the indexes. I made it so they can select the indexes and it successfully replaces index 1 with index 2, but not index 2 with index 1. Here is my code so far import java. Scanner; import java. FileInputStream; import java. IOException; import java. I'm not sure if I'm using this forum right, i tried to figure it out but I'm getting a little desperate so I apologize if this isn't formatted correctly or maybe in the wrong section.

Thank you in advance because absolutely any advice is greatly appreciated. Campbell Ritchie. Welcome to the Ranch I am afraid that main method is much too long.Write a class Scrambler. Define a constructor for the Scrambler class using the keyword super, and write an overriding definition for the newWord method that scrambles the words in each line of text. Just remember that your program needs to scramble only the interior characters of each word, leaving the first and last characters untouched, so you'll have to separate out the leading character and the final character of each word before you scramble the interior characters.

Also note that words with less than four characters can't be scrambled. Make sure that punctuation marks stay in the same place when you scramble words. For example, a period at the end of a sentence should not be processed as the last character in the word that precedes it. For example, the String class and the StringBuffer class have methods that will help you a lot.

The java. Collections class, has a shuffle method that scrambles a List for example, an ArrayList. Therefore, a way to implement the scrambling function would be: Put the characters to be scrambled into an ArrayList as Character objects.

41 Scrambled String Recursive

Call Collections. Forum: Beginning Java. Scrambling Words. Shyam Prasad Murarka. Dear Readers, I picked up this project from the net.

I finished it but I wanted to know whether there is a better way of doing it. A more efficient and professional way. I know my logic is bad but I want to improve. Please don't worry about the other classes.

Here are the requirements: Write a class Scrambler. Its about 60 lines. Please don't think that this is my homework because it is NOT. I just want to improve my logic and style of writing code.

Henry Wong. I like Anyway, the assignment did mention that you consider using the StringBuffer class. K Riaz. Originally posted by Shyam Murarka: I picked up this project from the net.

how to scramble a string in java

I've written my own version, but before I paste the code, can you post the URL of the original website from where you got the question so I can read it in full, as it sounds like a disguised assignment.An array or an java.

List data structure contains a sorted list of values.

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Shuffling an array or a list means that you are randomly re-arranging the content of that structure. Have you wondered how you could shuffle an array or a list without the collection framework?

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This article demonstrates how the shuffling works so that you can learn how the standard libraries might do this. The shuffle is random as the algorithm by selecting uniformly an element which has not been selected.

Create a Java project "de. Create the following program for sorting arrays. Why does this shuffle all values randomly? The value at position 0 is exchanged with a randomly selected value including the original value at position 0. This means that after the first loop, position 0 has a random value with an equal likelihood of any value.

We continue this with position 1 but we do not need to consider position 0 again as this position already has a random value assigned.

After the loop it is equally likely that each value is at any position. Free use of the software examples is granted under the terms of the Eclipse Public License 2. This article describes how to shuffle the content of an array or a list in Java. After the shuffle the elements in the array or the list are randomly sorted. Shuffle an array with the Collections framework An array or an java.

If you are only interested in using shuffling for the elements in a data structure, you can use Collections. The approach works independent of the content of the array or the list. Implementation in Java Create a Java project "de. ArrayList ; import java.

Shuffle characters in a string

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The dark mode beta is finally here. Change your preferences any time. Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information. How can i randomized each string in Array words Convert the each string to an array of chars and call shuffle on that, then create a string again.

Of course, that doesn't actually work with real Unicode - there's no easy way to do it if there could be non-BMP characters or composite characters in there. But it will probably do for the kind of small game this appears to be. Just put the characters in each string into a list, then call Collections. Learn more. Scramble string [duplicate] Ask Question. Asked 6 years, 11 months ago. Active 6 years, 11 months ago.

how to scramble a string in java

Viewed 2k times. Hunter McMillen You're currently just shuffling the order of words in the list, rather than the order of the characters in the string. Active Oldest Votes. Sebastian Redl Sebastian Redl 55k 5 5 gold badges 89 89 silver badges bronze badges.

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how to scramble a string in java

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